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CHAIN RESTAURANTS & HOTELS can have an OPS tabletop display with mouth-watering photographs and full color printed cards at NO COST!


Our services go well beyond supplying just the table tent "hardware": we can provide full service from concept to implementation.

Typically, here are the steps involved in customized tabletop display merchandising with OPS:

  1. OPS meets with client to discuss and analyze needs.
  2. Client provides objectives and direction.
  3. OPS consults on food & drink selections; uses expertise and historical evidence to make recommendations.
  4. Client and OPS mutually agree on food & drink selection.
  5. OPS secures production cost estimates (creative, design, copy, photography, printing, shipping, handling, etc.)
  6. OPS, at discretion of client, seeks food and beverage suppliers to participate in the program and to co-op costs.
  7. OPS provides concepts of the menu cards for client to consider.
  8. Client chooses a concept and OPS then provides actual creative production of the menu cards including copy, photography and printing.
  9. OPS is responsible for shipping materials on time, on budget.


During the entire process, the client is always in full control of the project, with OPS providing interim status reports.

CALL Saundra Cox at 1-800-677-3033 or email her at to start your multi-page, fully subsidized food & beverage tabletop display programming.

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